Covid-19 Assistance

March 2020 - present

Through our generous donors & wonderful volunteers, we have been providing food boxes, infant formula & female hygiene products to families from the Orang Asli and Orang Asal communities, B40 families, migrant workers and refugees.

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August 2020

A powerful collaboration with

emma lizs Salon and POSH Nail Spa.

Training, equiping & empowering girls to scale new heights they never thought possible.


September 2016

We followed the school children from a remote Orang Asli village called Kampung Giring in Ranau, Sabah to school one day.

In the interior, going to school is not about climbing into a school bus for a ride to school. It is about climbing slopes and hiking in the thick forest, walking along the small path beside steep slopes beside river to school. They are confronted with the old broken bridge (left photo) each time. During the monsoon season, the river will swell and the children would not be able to go to school.

Our FIRST infrastructure project was to build a safe bridge to cross this river.

Now with the new bridge (right photo), they can safely walk to school. Nearby villagers can now visit each other thus bringing the community closer together.